Looking for a simple keystroke recorder for XP

I am looking for a simple keystroke recorder for XP, but haven't found one among all the fancy macro recording products advertised on the Web.

For me, the capability of hitting a key on the fly, typing a few keystrokes, and hitting a key to see them repeated again, is perhaps one of the most important tools in enhancing my productivity.

I was very annoyed in the earliest days of Microsoft's Visual Studio for C++ to see this feature deleted from the development environment. I queried MS and they said they saw no need for it anymore since "modern programmers" used mouse clicks in preference to typing. This, of course, was an answer from a marketing executive, not a programmer.

I complained in a programmers' group and someone sent me a perfect solution using system hook functions. I have since lost that.

Lately I have inherited a project that needs to be done in MS Excel using VBA (shudder) and was annoyed to see that the keystroke recorder that is part of Excel is not available in its macro environment. I was about to recreate the earlier solution when someone told me I ought to check out Tethy's "fantastic" macro recorder.

Tethy's Macro Pro is fancy but not fantastic. In over 40 years as a systems programmer I have never needed nor can I imagine anyone ever needing to
"save" keystrokes and mouse clicks so that they can be played back again.

Does anyone know of a simple keystroke recorder for XP?
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r0bertdenir0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No it's free - maybe you didn'see the link.
I've attached the file if you wanna try it 4 yrself.

Maybe AutoHotkey would be something for you?
mcsumanAuthor Commented:
torimar -- AutoHotkey is incredible, but it is not a basic keystroke recorder, one-click recording, one-click playback. Someone posted a request for just such a "basic keystroke recorder" on the AutoHotkey forum a while back, and all kinds of suggestions how to get the equivalent using AutoHotkey.

I guess I'm back to programming it myself, it's just that ... aw, there are only so many hours in a day.

But thanks for the comment.
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I admit to have had difficulties at first in understanding what you meant by "basic" and "simple". I now got it.

Sorry for not having been of better help.
Goto this link http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Skrommel/ & find the link to the script called DoOver.
It's done in Autohotkey.
In the default setup you use Ctrl+F12 to start/stop recording, then hit Ctrl+F5 to playback.
This is a windows-wide mouse & keystroke recorder.
mcsumanAuthor Commented:
I did as you suggested and downloaded DoOver. Maybe my AutoHotkey is not setup right but DoOver won't execute in my system.

I appreciate the pointer. Using AutoHotkey is not exactly what I was looking for.

There's also a compiled version of the script if you prefer using that.
I'm actually modifying that same script to make it more robust & have the abilty to save multiple macros & replay them back, with the option 2 play them at the speed you actually performed them.
I have a conventional programming background in VB & C, Java etc & so AutoHotkey's syntax makes me wanna throw up, but time & time again I have just had 2 admit that when it cums to system-wide macros & nothing else cums close.
Well the advantage of AHK is that you can easily change the script 2 suit yr specific needs - can't do that with a compiled app.
mcsumanAuthor Commented:
I think I missed something because all I found was the compiled version. I'll go look again.
There are 2 links. 1 for the compiled version, 1 for the ahk source code file
mcsumanAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I couldn't find it. I guess I have to register (and send a contribution). I will try again.
mcsumanAuthor Commented:
To r0bertdenir0: Thanks, it's clear that I'm slipping.

You said, "I have a conventional programming background in VB & C, Java etc & so AutoHotkey's syntax makes me wanna throw up, but time & time again I have just had 2 admit that when it cums to system-wide macros & nothing else cums close."

I retired in 1992, at which time I could write assembler as fast as English. I had a great application written in assembler and I thought I'd put it in C++ just to make it intelligible and sell it. Ten years later and I still hadn't completed that and gave up. Recently someone asked me to write something in Visual Basic 2008 (I haven't used Basic since 1972) and after 6 months at that I know my programming days are over.

Thanks again, your answer satisfies. I'm only surprised I didn't get a hundred responses to what I figured would be trivial to everyone.

Regards, Mike Suman
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