Citrix Presentation Server Cannot Contact The License Server


I have been using my Citrix absolutely fine without issue, I then decided to install the latest Roll Up (PSE450W2K3R03.MSP).

Once I installed this I was getting the following error:

Citrix Presentation Server Cannot Contact The License Server SERVERNAME

I have tried everything to get this working, but nothing will get it going again, so I have now uninstalled the Roll Up and it works fine again.

My question is why is it doing this?

I am running :

Citrix Access Essentials 2.0


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amichaellConnect With a Mentor Commented:

"Your Citrix License Server must be at Version 11.5 to install this hotfix rollup pack."

Has that been done?
Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep, someone didn't read the Readme file before installing the update.  You need to do 2 things:

Install the Microsoft C++ Redistributable package
Upgrade your license server now at version 11.6.1

Always read the readme file for Citrix updates!
essexboy80Author Commented:
amichaell and carlwebster,

thanks for the help, i havent upgraded the license server - boo me

but the link in the article to download the 11.5 doesnt work, do you have another link maybe?

Carl WebsterCommented:
Go to, downloads, xenapp, scroll way down to find the link to download version 11.6.1 for Windows.
essexboy80Author Commented:
Great Speedy Response, Exactly Spot On
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