Need recommendation on automated file move utility

We need a solution to move files older than "X" days, months, or years to a different partition. We don't want to delete the data, but just move it to another shared drive. The reason for this is because we send data offsite for remote, online backups and we want to move older data to a partition that is being backed up, but not sent offsite.

This is for a client of ours. They are ultimately responsible for their data, but they won't clean up data unless we help.

Any recommendations?
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Hello there.  I would suggest looking into either robocopy or richcopy from Microsoft.  

Richcopy -

Robocopy -

I have richcopy installed and if you change your view to the advanced view and edit the copy options there are options in there to copy/move only if the last write time or creation date or access date meet specific criteria.  I hope this helps!
Hi redeyeinc,

You can use something like TeraCopy. Here's the link:
ITAuthor Commented:

It doesn't appear that TeraCopy will allow the program to be scheduled or to move folders/files that are older than a certain timeframe.

Richcopy looks pretty cool, but also same concern as TeraCopy.
Here's a link with multiple programs to look at for what you are looking for.
You should be able to schedule the richcopy utility as a batch file.  Depending on your situation you will need different switches.  Open up the help of the software, select the "contents" tab and selec the "command options" to view all of the available switches.  Create a batch file with these options and schedule it using windows.  That should do what you need.
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