configure ISA 2006 Standard

I just installed fresh ISA 2006 on my network, and I just need basic configuration to make ISA work and to allow to allow http, https, FTP, SMTP, VPN.
any idea or documentation that you have
DNS and DHCP running on my DC.
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You have to create the first rule , because the default rule is 'Deny' all inbound traffic , you can ping outside but no one can ping your ISA unless you permit that !!! also as I mentioned earlier ,, you will not be able to browse unless you added 'Local' which you will find it listed with Networks (you have Outside - Inside - and 'Local' which is meant your ISA ,,,,
Create a new rule is the first step that you have to do to start working
Create the basic rule in firewall policy : Allow : selected protocols (add the basic protocols like http , https , pop3 , smpt ,,, ect ...) from Internal to External , add users , access hours ,,, and you are done ,,,,
Regarding to VPN , go to Virtual Private Network and go with the procdures step by step , then return back and create VPN rule ,,, add users to the TelnetClient Group ,,,
Go with the procedures stpe by step , in general its simple and easy ,,,
ssalim1Author Commented:
u made it very short for me, could u tell me bit more or at least steps.
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Hi , sorry for that ,,,, explaining in details :
- Run your Isa server , and go to Isa server manager
- In the left pane , go to firewall policy , and you will find the default policy (on the middle pane) which is Deny everything , this policy should be always the last policy on this order ,,,
- Know go the right pane and click on  Create Access rule
- The access rule wizard will start (first box : create a name for your rule , click next - Second box chose Allow - next - third box 'Protocols' click add and chose the up mentioned portocols , click next , fourth box "access rule source' , chose you internal network , next , Destination source : chose your external net-interface
- Next box 'users' - Select all users
- Finnaly click finish
Note that you may come back to this rule by clicking on it at the middle pane and add or delete any sittings like adding other networks to the source or destination or adding or removing protocols.
Also note that by default you will not have internet access on the ISA server , to enable that you ahve to add the Local 'from Networks' to the internal network on the access rule wizard .
Go with this wizard and try it , at the end of it you have to clcik apply at the top o your page other wise delete it and start again till you become familiar with it ,,,
ssalim1Author Commented:
thank you for the detail.

but my main concern is the intial setting before adding the rules, mean after the installation what is the first steps to make it works.
as I can ping outside and I can not browse.

Please let me know.

ssalim1Author Commented:
I have done that, and I can see from the logs that, the client reached ISA but it doent allow them go outside, as well as from ISA i can not browse anything but i can ping and telnet to outside...
i have formatted the server as well and done new installation for ISA 2006 standard the trail one, but still the same...
Also I have one prof. isa guy came in today and he couldnt fix it!!!!!!!
let me know if there is any tip
i can send u the logs if u likes
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