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I have created Report Models and I'm trying to generate reports from the models using Report Builder. (I'm using SQL Server 2005). I have created a filter on my report so that the user will be prompted to enter filter criteria and thus filter the results on the report. The filter criteria appears on the generated report like below.

Filter: Admissions with All of (Diagnosis in (prompted), Discharge on or after (prompted)

However, I want my generated report to show the complete filter criteria with all the values I selected for the prompts. For example, I want the filter criteria to look like below.

Filter: Admissions with All of (Diagnosis in (Anemia, Acidosis), Discharge on or after (14/1/2007)

Please let me know if there is a way to achieve this. Many Thanks for your help.

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Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
set in in an expresion, something like:

Admissions with All of (Diagnosis in " & parameters!yourdiagnosisobjectname.value & " Discharge on or after " &Parameters!Yourdateobjectname.Value
pnadakuditiAuthor Commented:
faiga16, thanks for getting back to me.

I'm not sure how to set the expression. When I look at the filter formulae for Diagnosis and Discharge fields, this is how the expressions look like...

For Diagnosis field -    IN(Diagnosis, Parameter: Diagnosis)
for Discharge field -    Discharge Date >= Parameter: Discharge Date

Can you please let me know how to edit these expressions to achieve the above functionality. (I'm using Report Builder 2005).
pnadakuditiAuthor Commented:

the solution you proposed worked really well for the Discharge date field. I added a text box in the report and added the below expression,
= "Discharge Date from " & Parameters!DischargeDate.Value
However, for the Diagnosis prompt (which allows users to select values from a list), I have added another text box with the below expression and it doesn't work.
= "Diagnosis in " & Parameters!Diagnosis.Value

Please let me know if we have to change the expression for prompt fileds which allows values to be selected from a list. Thanks for your help.
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