Symantec SILENT Live Update from command line

Feeling too lazy to research this one.......

"c:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\LUALL.EXE" -s

Is supposed to start Symantec Live Update from a command line, and force the update silently. Doesnt work....

Our AV team is working through some issue where the clients dont talk to the console. Mean while, we have a script used for installing a few base apps on each post image prep, and I wanted to add the CL switch for LiveUpdate, but it fails.

All SAV clients are version 10. LU version is Network clients are XP 2P2......

Any thoughts?

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johnb6767Author Commented:
Actually, went back to the search results, and found one I didnt read. Never used this util before....

"C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\VPDN_LU.exe" /fUpdate /s

Works fine......

Thanks for the help.....
I cannot believe you did not Google this!  :)  
But in case you did not
You say ""c:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\LUALL.EXE" -s" does not work.  What happens?
This the extent of my knowledge.
johnb6767Author Commented:
LOL. I was being lazy....  Got all these points need to use them every once in a while.....:)

In a batch file, it echos an errorlevel that is not 0, cant remember which one though....
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johnb6767Author Commented:
Errorlevel is 1. I can confirm that the defs dont get updated. I havent sniffed yet to see if there is data leaving the machine. Using tcpview shows no connection even attempted.....

Gotta love the way Symantec Products work like they are supposed to....

Starting a test project, to see how well SEP works in preventing/cleaning of virus threats/spyware...

Noone else has had any other suggestions, so I am going to close this out. Just dont feel like mesing with it anymore.....

Thanks for popping in....
johnb6767Author Commented:
Objecting to myself to stop the autoclose.....

Kind of odd.....

johnb6767--Sounds like I led the horse to water but he did not drink.
johnb6767Author Commented:
Wasnt any booze there......

Actually, first time I clicked that link....

I could see 95% of the resultant links already visited by me, so I went to a few that I didnt click upon...

"This the extent of my knowledge."

It didnt look like you were familiar with that one either really..... But is all good. You did kick me in teh righjt direction...

Thanks again....
johnb6767--"It didnt look like you were familiar with that one either really"  Heh, heh!! :)
The horse drank.  (Thanks!)
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