How can I change the project resolution (upgrade) in Premiere CS3?

I started a project with DV resolution 720x480, but realized after finishing the whole thing that the original picture was 1280x720, so the image is cropped. But premiere won't let me change the project resolution. Is there a way around this?....
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A V GeorgeAdditional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:

- Just create a new project with the settings you want and then import the old project into the new one
- All of your assets will be imported into the bin
- To view you timeline with all layers and edits, double-click in the project panel on the timeline (sequence) you imported

Good Luck!
Not sure how Premiere works, but if it's reduced the pixels to 720 x 480 you can't realistically upscale and get back the lost resolution. 1280 x 720 is the res for 720p (high def). Some editors use proxy editing, which means that they don't cut the original until you've finished your project (they keep the original in a temp file) they make and edit with a low res version. If Premiere is doing this you may be able to save the project and close Premiere. Re open it and change the project resolution and then open your project file. Don't know if this will work though. You may have to re-edit it if CS3 can handle 720p.
A V GeorgeAdditional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:
The solution has been provided so points should be awarded. Hikarus: Pl post the outcome of the above suggested solution.
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