How to define default outgoing NIC adapter and IP for MS DNS server?


I have problems with my Secondary DNS server, all setup in Windows 2003/2008 environment.
Here is how it is setup (Workgroup conectivity, no AD):
- on 2 Windows 2003 machines I have 2 MS DNS servers installed. 1st is primary DNS, 2nd is secondary DNS, and it has only 1 NIC and 1 public IP
- on distant location I have 3rd Windows 2008 machine, which is Tertiary DNS. This machine has 3 NIC adapters and multiple public IP's

Now, DNS zones are configured with LIMITED zone transfer permissions, where zone transfers are only allowed to servers, listed in NS servers list. Which means, primary DNS zones can only be transfered to Secondary and Tetriary DNS server.

While transfer to 2nd server is NOT problematic (it has only 1 NIC and 1 IP), there are random problems with zone transfers to 3rd server (with multiple NIC's and IP's).

Because 3rd server sends zone update request on RANDOM public IP, despite of the fact, that DNS server is bind to separate NIC with only SINGLE IP. It actually does serve CLIENTS only on this dedicated IP, but zone update requests are sent out to Primary DNS on random public IP (one of all IP's this machine has).

Does anybody have an idea how to specify the outgoing IP for DNS zone update requests?  
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Andrej PirmanAsked:
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Add a permananent route to the master server (might effect other communication between these two hosts).
Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
Hi Hagman,
thanx for the tip. But I am still unsure what route should I add. Here is my config:

Primary DNS is on public IP:

Tetriary (problematic) DNS is also on public IP, and has multiple NIC's:
IPs: (this one id for DNS),

What should ROUTE command look like?
Would it be correct to issue this command on Tetriary DNS server?


But how will Tetriary know which OUTGOING IP to use?
Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
I think I've got it:


If (interface) should be the NIC I want to be used. I think this should be correct.
Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
Any confirmation?
Am I doing right or not?
Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
Only B grade for there was no further participation, and I had to determine details myself.
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