Netoork adapter for Laptop

i posted a question and the reply was as follows :
If it nolonger detects the hardware the cheapist solution would be to buy a external NIC or WIFI card
to plug into the cardbus on the laptop rather than replacing the motherboard.

My question is how do I plug into the cardbus of the laptop.  My laptop is a Gateway Model 7322GZ.  Are there any instructions. Thanks.
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Vince GlissonOwnerCommented:
You need to purchase a PCMCIA, this is what you would plug into the cardbus on your laptop. Make sure that it is an ethernet PCMCIA card.
Vince GlissonOwnerCommented:
Here is the link to user manual for your laptop on Gateway's site
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
well done for hitting the nail on the head!
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