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Recovery disaster

I got an error message last week when booting: "ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt."

I took this at its face value, and figured my boot files were damaged and needed to be recovered.  Turns out, I jumped to thw wrong conclusion.  Mora\e about that later.

My machine came with a 2-dick recovery set, and it very kindly offered to recover my XP system without damaging the data files.  Sounded perfect, although I realized I'd have to reinstall a lot of aps before getting going again.  Anyhow, I ran this recovery, and it re-did my whole operating system as if it had been born yesterday.  Then, when I rebooted, up comes my desktop with all its icons, etc. My Documents was also preserved.  I thought this is really great.

When the machine re-started, I noticed that no matter what I wanted to do, it took about 5-8 seconds.  Especially on the Internet, where there is this looong pause before a page displays.

Next time I start the machine, lo and behold, there's that error message about ntoskrnl.exe again!  Rather than re- re-installing the system, I went to another computer to have another search for info about the problem.  That's when I notice that in rare cases, this problem can be caused by a fault in the keyboard cable!  I replace the keyboard and restarted with no problem.

So now there's no more error message, but the machine is Wicked Slow.  

Can anybody suggest a remedy for this problem, which I presume to have been caused by the "Recovery" module?  I'm wondering if I need to re-format the disk.  That would be time-consuming to say the least, but when I add up all the time I'm wasting waiting for Windows to do its work, I wonder if that wouldn't be less of a waste of time.

Charlie Weston
Charlie Weston
1 Solution
i recommend getting the hard maker diagnose disk and running that to ensure there are no bad secotors in the way.
Then run a format on the drive before doing a system recovery.
You can also get a program called spinrite from http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm
Charlie WestonAuthor Commented:
What's the hard maker?
Charlie WestonAuthor Commented:
Do you suppose there would be any point in de-fragging the disk?
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>> Do you suppose there would be any point in de-fragging the disk?


You can do it if you like but that shouldn't make a difference as your disk should be pretty unfragged as it is.

I'd look at updating all drivers first and perhaps looking at unwanted services running in background.  Check your hard disk drive is running in UDMA mode rather than PIO (Control Panel --> System --> Device Manager --> IDE controllers
Sorry I ment to say hard drive company. WD, Seagate, Maxor
chaz4--These are the sites from which you can download diagnostic tools for your specific hard drive
Here are some other reasons for the ntoskrnl.exe problem
Try to repair os with the installer cd,


Charlie WestonAuthor Commented:
The problem turned out to be the "Keyboard Issue" mentioned in the first link!  Crazy!!

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