What is the index record size limit on a Progress 10.0b database temp table?

I'm getting an error:

"The total length of the fields in an index exceeds max key size"

when trying to create a temp table record in my code.  I've tracked the error down to an index on the temp table that I'm creating a record for.  I found the exact record that's causing the issue and if I add up all of the characters in all of the fields in the index, if it's over 172, then I get this error, if it's 172 or less, it works just fine.  What is the character limit for an index record?  I've found 180 and I've found 200.  Can this be adjusted in my current version of Progress?  Or do I have to upgrade to 10.1b?
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progressorConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The maximum index size is 197 bytes for tables and temp-tables in your version. This can only be overcome by upgrading to at least 10.1B. Starting 10.1B the maximum index size is ~2000 bytes.
10.0B is  an old unsopported version, so if you have any chance to upgrade then upgrade to 10.2A. Virtually all database limits have been lifted in 10.1B and the latching mechanism has improved a lot in 10.1C.


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