Letters L and uppercase i show up thicker and taller on acrobat reader

I created a brochure out of Illustrator CS4 on a Mac. It printed clearly, without a glitch, at the press shop.

However, when I tried to produce a web-version PDF for download, it caused a very strange problem where the letters "L", and the uppercase "i" showed up extra thick and extra tall, ONLY on acrobat readers. This was observed on my Acrobat Pro on my Macbook Pro, as well as on my client's Adobe Acrobat Reader on a Windows PC. However when I open this file on my computer using Preview, or even using Gmail's PDF preview, the letters show up fine.

The steps taken:
1. The text in question was, of course, initially text layers. However this was converted to outlines of text when it was moved to the PDF, to avoid issues where a user without the Century Gothic font could still view the brochure as it was intended to.
2. While saving to PDF, raster graphics were reduced to 300ppi, and illustrator editability was taken away.

The produced PDF was this mess. Here are screenshots - one screenshot of reading it in Preview, the other in Acrobat. Files were also attached to this question for your convenience.


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GlennHarrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, missed the part about converting fonts to outlines; I'd try to PDF with the text still editable and embed the font in the pdf by using the press quality preset; to reduce the file size for web use, from acrobat select the Advanced menu > Print Production > PDF optimizer to downsample image resolution to 72dpi
Make sure you're viewing at a zoom of 100%; To set the document to always open at 100% zoom select the File menu > Properties  command, then the Initial View tab; Change the Magnification to 100%. HTH
jeffkee1985Author Commented:
Yes, I tried that. even then the Is and Ls are slightly more emphasized and thicker. Besides the whole point is to produce a file that does NOT do it on Acrobat. Ordinary users who download the brochure off the website won't know to zoom all the way in to view it properly. The whole point is to make this presentable on first sight on Acrobat. This didn't happen before.
Sounds like a monitor issue; If your concern is on-screen viewing, don't bother to test with those low quality wide screens that stretch everything; It'd be helpful if you could upload a sample pdf or url, not png. If the pdf looks that way on my end it appears to be a font substitution issue where i'd uninstall the font, reboot, then reinstall the font and open whatever program authors the pdf. HTH
jeffkee1985Author Commented:
Glenn - I did upload the screenshots. It's not an issue of viewing resolution or zoom level. The file itself is messed up and it is a formatting error..

I'll try your other solution about the outlines. That might make more sense to allow people to copy-paste. Thanks.
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