How do I format HTML in email to print to predefined page width

I have an application that sends an email to a group of people. People printing with identical margin settings from their email client get different results. If I use different email clients from the same computer they print the HTML differently. Detail wise I have a table that is 700 pixels wide and prints correctly with a 0.5 left and right margin settings for some and truncates information on others. Not that it truncates and does not just change the table flow.
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v2MediaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can only design an html email to be print friendly (I'd go 640px wide, not 700). How it actually prints depends of many factors out of your control, mainly concerning app interaction with printer drivers, user defined min-max font sizes, line wrap settings etc. If you want your emails to print perfectly for all users, send it as a pdf attachment, not as an html email.
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