Microsoft SQL agent on Backup Exec 12.5

We have Backup Exec 12.5 for window servers running on 2003 servers.  Our backups are working fine, but having an issue that I could use some help for.

We purchased Agent for MIcrosoft SQL Server and another Remote Agent for WIndows and NetWare Servers, I've installed these locally on our Backup server, and they are showing up under License keys.  Then I pushed an install of the Remote backup to our new SQL server.  I went in to our scripts to add this server to our backups and ensure that the SQL databases are getting backed up.  The Server itself is getting backed up (Source - Selections - Favorites - C:, D:, System State, Utility Partition, Shadow Copy Components) but there is no icon to see the SQL Databases.

I've looked at the Admin manual (pg 1332: A list of shared network directories appears, along with an icon that represents the SQL installation. To select all databases in SQL, click the check box preceding the SQL icon, or you can select specific databases by clicking the SQL icon, and then selecting individual databases.)

Yeah, there's no icon that represents the SQL installation...

I can't find anything on Symantecs site, google, to no avail.

I've seen where the sql agent does not support SQL 2008, but we're running SQL 2005 (here's the caveat) On W2K8 this what's screwing me up?  I can see everything else on the server just fine, but not the SQL?  

K, rambling now...

Boss is breathing down my neck on this one, 500 points up for grabs.


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This should work - even on Windows 2008.
Maybe a long shot, but try enabling "Restrict Anonymous Support" via beutility.exe or through the registry as per Do this both on the Backup Exec server and the SQL server.

I hope the agent went on correctly. You may want to try removing the SQL agent license again and running through the installation. Once done, add the SQL agent license again and run through the install again.
Do you have any other SQL server installations out there (even SQL 2005 Express). If you can see those in the selection list, at least you're sure the agent went on correctly.

Also make sure the Remote Agent service on the SQL server is running under the LocalSystem account.

Make sure the Default Logon Account in Backup Exec has sufficient rights on the SQL installation.

Otherwise a beremote debug log on the SQL server could possibly help.
mobious74Author Commented:
Back today, and I'll try this out this afternoon.
mobious74Author Commented:
Rockstar! Reinstalling the SQL agent on the server made it so I could select te SQL DBs  Thank you!
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