Outlook 2003 POP Default SBS Exchange 2003 overrides

POP mail is being handled at the hosting account; Outlook 2003 profile POP is being over ridden by SBS Exchange 2003 at login to be Exchange Server. Attached is the client/setup/sbsdefault that appears to load each time at login. Are there any setting in this or any other file to not change the profile POP as default?

There is no 'sbsdefault.prf file' on the client. At one point in time, I was able to override Exchange Server as the default by making a change in this file.
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deanindAuthor Commented:
It is resolved.
An Exchange account will always overide a POP Account.
Only way to avoid this is to use two seperate accounts/profiles.
deanindAuthor Commented:
This was solved by dis-joining and re-joiining the profile. The POP is now the first email account and exchange sever is 2nd.
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