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How to reorganize a pictures into folders by date


I have  a computer with about 5000 pictures that have been taken with digital cameras. These pictures are all very unorganized.  I would like to have all the photos organized by date (1 day for each folder) with folder names in this format: yyyy_mm_dd.  Is there a program out there that will take all my pictures and reorganize them to a given structure like this?  If it makes a difference, there may be a mulitple copies of some photos (in diffent folders - with the same filenames).  

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank, Mike
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In each folder you can do a Ctrl A to highlight all the files under that folder and then right click on one of the files and select rename select the name(yyyy_mm_dd).  This will rename all the files under that folder to yyyy_mm_dd and yyyy_mm_dd(1) and yyyy_mm_dd(2) and so on.
Mike_PlugAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I think I may have been unclear in my question.  

What I have is 5000 unorganized photos, with random filenames,  in about 100 folders with random folder names.  What I would like to do, is get rid of all these old folders, and start over with folder names in the format yyyy_mm_dd (where yyyy is the year, mm in the month, and dd is the day).  Then, all the pictures need to go into the folders with correspoding days.  So in the end, all the pictures that were taken on April 9, 2007 will be in a folder called "2007_04_07", the pictures take July 9, 2008 will be in a folder called "2008_07_09" etc.

I do understand what you mean by higlighting all the pictures in a given folder and renaming them to give them names like picture(1), picture(2), picture(3) etc, but this is not what I am trying to acomplish.

Thanks again.

Mike_PlugAuthor Commented:
I did get all this done.  A program called JPEG Japery for about $40 was the way to go.

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