How do I Open articles(pages) in same window in Joomla CMS

I am relatively new in joomla, so far I really like it but I still dont know how to use it fully. I am however going to through tutorials and stuff. My question is if someone has used this CMS and knows how to have an article (web page) opened once we click a link and show that in a module position on my web page.
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fearialtogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of ways of putting an article into a module position. I will start with probably the easiest one.
Go to  extensions>>module manager>>new
Choose Custom HTML
Enter name and positions etc.

Place the text of your article in the editor window below.

One word of caution - many templates do not show all the module positions. For example if you choose the position top and nothing shows up this means that the position is not available on the template you are using. You can check what module positions are available by typing ?tp=1 at the end of the url of your site. e.g.
In your module edit window type in a module position in the dropdown box and your module will appear in that position.

RickyGtzAuthor Commented:
HI thanks for your assistance. Could you look into my webpage and see whats the issue I am having?
RickyGtzAuthor Commented:
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