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Netgear Prosafe FVS318 to FVS318

Posted on 2009-04-15
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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I am trying to understand why a Point to Point VPN between 2 Prosafe FVS318 would connect but not pass data.

I have 3 sites to connect together.  The first 2 use the same ISP over a T1 and connect with great speeds.  The third connects but doesn't pass data.  I can ping anything or log into server between site 1 and 2, but can't between even ping anything between 1 and 3, or 2 and 3.  The third site uses Comcast and is sitting behind a SMC Gateway 8014 in bridge mode.

Sorry no log files but the connection shows that it is up.  I will add notes and log files next time I am onsite.
Question by:davidjohanning
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Expert Comment

ID: 24153298
Can you at least post the configuration settings that you are using to establish the tunnel between the sites?

Author Comment

ID: 24153837
These are the router configuration policies:
VPN - Auto Policy
Policy Name:
IKE policy:  Home-Douglas
IKE Keep Alive Ping IP Address: 0 0 0 0
Remote VPN Endpoint
  Address Type: IP Address
  Address Data: 97.xxx.xxx.130
SA Life Time (Seconds): 28800
(Kbytes): 0
IPSec PFS : Off

Traffic Selector
Local IP: Range address
Start IP address:  192 168 3 100
Finish IP address:  192 168 3 150
Subnet Mask:
Remote IP Range address
Start IP address: 192 168 2 100
Finish IP address: 192 168 2 150
Subnet Mask:
AH Configuration
Enable Authentication:  Authentication Algorithm: MD5
ESP Configuration
Enable Encryption:  Encryption Algorithm: 3DES
Enable Authentication:  Authentication Algorithm: SHA-1
NETBIOS Enable: Yes

IKE Policy Configuration
Policy Name: Home-Douglas
Direction/Type: Both Directions
Exchange Mode: Main Mode
Local Identity Type: WAN IP Address:
Local Identity Data: 173.xxx.xxx.81
Remote Identity Type Remote WAN IP
Remote Identity Data: 97.xxx.xxx.130
IKE SA Parameters
Encryption Algorithm 3DES
Authentication Algorithm SHA-1
Authentication Method Pre-shared Key
RSA Signature (requires Certificate)
Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group Group 2 (1024 Bit)
SA Life Time (secs): 86400
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Expert Comment

ID: 24153854
Can you tell me which configuration policy is which and which IPs correspond to which sites?

Author Comment

ID: 24153902
The above is only one side of the configuration.
Public IP: 97.xxx.xxx.130

Public IP: 173.xxx.xxx.81
Comcast Business

I will collect the additional data and add it ASAP

Accepted Solution

davidjohanning earned 0 total points
ID: 24284207
The problem has been solved.  It was an issues with the comcast router trying to connect to the VPN (they hadn't cleared all of the settings).

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