how to find/set the parameter in DBMS_DATAPUMP as REMAP_SCHEMA in impdp

in impdp, I can import a table to different schema as REMAP_SCHEMA=A:B from schema A to B, but is there any equalvent statement in DBMS_DATAPUMP, which I will do the same as impdp?
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jl66Author Commented:
I just couldn't find this one.
Ivo StoykovCommented:
you could use 
name parameter should be REMAP_SCHEMA.
Any schema object in the job that matches the object_type parameter and was 
located in the old_value schema will be moved to the value schema.
Privileged users can perform unrestricted schema remaps.
Nonprivileged users can perform schema remaps only if their schema is the target schema of the remap.
For example, SCOTT can remap his BLAKE's objects to SCOTT, but SCOTT cannot remap SCOTT's objects to BLAKE.


Ivo Stoykov

   handle      IN NUMBER,
   name        IN VARCHAR2,
   old_value   IN VARCHAR2,
   value       IN VARCHAR2,
   object_type IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL);

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Ivo StoykovCommented:
Perhaps I've missed something... isn't it what are you looking for?

"The METADATA_REMAP procedure is only supported for Import and SQL_FILE
operations. It enables you to apply commonly desired, predefined remappings to
the definition of objects as part of the transfer. If you need remaps that are not
supported within this procedure, you should do a preliminary SQL_FILE
operation to produce a SQL script corresponding to the dump file set. By editing
the DDL directly and then executing it, you can produce any remappings that you

ivostoykov: Sorry if I caused confusion.
My comment was asking jl66 if the METADATA_REMAP procedure would suit.
I must have been typing while you were posting.
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