How to add disk to RAID5 with smart Array p400 controller

Hi Experts,

I have a DL380 RAID 5 (SCSI) server 2003 box that is running out of space.  This is a dynamic disk with an OS c:/ drive and a Data O:/ drive.  RAID controller is a P400.

What is the best way to add drives and can this be accomplished without rebuilding the whole array?
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There used to be a problem with expanding dynamic disks, but it was with Windows 2000. As usual you should backup first. It is all done online though (and parity is retained during the migration) so backup is just for safety. Because it does it online the expansion is very slow but you can continue to use the server and even break a disk while it is doing it so speed does not matter. It may take a day or two!

You can expand any logical disk but the problem with giving extra space to C: is that diskpart will not expand C: as it is the system volume, so offline utilities are needed for this and they generally won't work with dynamic disks. Rather tha expand C: I would look to tidy it up and possibly move the pagefile to D: I gained 1GB on one recently just by getting rid of the NT$uninstall files. Leew has an article on his website about cleaning up C:

Forgot to mention that you need a battery or expansion is disabled, you can see if you have one in the ACU under the controller properties. If not it is part no 380280-B21 BBWC upgrade for P400.
Why on earth has it been converted to dynamic disk?

The hardware bit is simple, plug it in, open the ACU, highlight the array and look in the right hand pane for the option to expand. Once this is saved highlight the logical disk you want to expand and you'll see the option to extend that.

The ACU might expand the Windows volume for you, or you can run diskpart to extend the volume. (or you can use disks manager seeing as it's dynamic disk. Don't forget to backip first especially as it's dynamic unstable disk.
johnmdavisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy.

Not sure why it was converted to Dynamic disk.  What would be the problem with this?

After disk is installed will ACU give option to give some space to c: and some to D:?  And to verify, this can be done without removing all data and restoring from backup?
johnmdavisAuthor Commented:
thanks for you help.
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