Problem with access to subnets behind ASA5505 over vpn link from 3025 concentrator

I have a branch office site with two routed subnets behind a Cisco ASA5505 (unlimited license) this is connected (VPN) to the corporate office a Cisco 3025 concentrator.
Configured as easy VPN remote the ASA localy connected network can access corporate resources. Email, Terminal server, intranet, ect. The routed subnets can not access the corporate net.
If I configure the ASA as a LAN to LAN vpn, the subnets can access corporate network, but the locally connected LAN fails?
I have exhausted about every possible combination of NAT and ACL I can think of with no luck any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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rp_harrisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found there was a routing statement in the 3025 and it was sending traffic to the 10.24.x.x net back into the corp network in a L2L config. I removed this statement and the L2L worked.
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