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How do I surround selected text with arbitrary HTML in FCKEditor?

I'm using FCKEditor in a web application.  I'm creating custom plugins which allow users to select from a list of drop downs and apply standard formatting to the selected text.
I can easily apply divs and such using ApplyStyle, what I haven't been able to figure out is how I surround the selected text with something like the following.
Selected Text would be here
I can do the fieldset and the div by using ApplyStyle multiple times, what I haven't figured out is how to add the Legend.
1 Solution
dguillenAuthor Commented:
I found an answer in an obscure post.

// get HTML from selection
function getSelectionHTML(selection) {
    var range = (document.all ? selection.createRange() : selection.getRangeAt(selection.rangeCount - 1).cloneRange());

    if (document.all) {
        return range.htmlText;
    else {
        var clonedSelection = range.cloneContents();
        var div = document.createElement('div');
        return div.innerHTML;

its used by doing the following

            var selection = "";

            if (FCK.EditorDocument.selection != null) {
                selection = getSelectionHTML(FCK.EditorDocument.selection);
            } else {
                selection = getSelectionHTMLFCK(EditorWindow.getSelection()); // after this, won't be a string
                selection = "" + selection; // now a string again

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