RIS Server W2k3: An error was generated by OS chooser - Event 1042 - Unknown Error 00004 after select Image

Hi all

a couple of weeks ago our old Win2k3 RIS server crashed fataly. So i've setup a new one and then just copy all the data with the images (\RemoteInstall) to the new Server.

My Problem is that i can boot from PXE. Then the blue RIS setup screen pop-up asking for user/password and after i can select an Image: but then it stops with the following error message:

Client Installation Wizard --- ERROR 00004

Unknown Error.
An error occurred on the server. Please notify your admin.
Press F3 to reboot.

The event log on the server shows:

Source: binlsvc   ///   Event ID 1042
An error was generated by OS Chooser. the error code is in the record data.
user: risinstall  domain: ch.frag2  computer name: risinstall1

I canot execute "risetup -check".  It's telling me "Unsupported server operation mode. This utility can only run on an WDS server that is not yet configured or is running in legacy or mixed mode operation mode."

Any clue what the problem can be?

thank you!

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Remove the server from the WDS console and add it to the Legacy console.

I suspect it's configured in the non-legacy console.

digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
Additional Information from the WDSServer.log:

[3416] 12:06:36: [WDSPXE] [BINLSVC] 00000d58 04/16 12:06:36 [MISC] Client Guid: {4c4c4544-0033-5610-8033-c3c04f35334a}
[3416] 12:06:36: [WDSPXE] [BINLSVC] 00000d58 04/16 12:06:36 [MISC]         MAC: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-001aa0cd0d46}
[3416] 12:06:36: [WDSPXE] [BINLSVC] 00000d58 04/16 12:06:36 !!Error 0x41054e44 - Error setting up the client for Setup.
[3416] 12:06:36: [WDSPXE] [BINLSVC] Reply Sent - Request: Dst: Len:394

digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
Netman66; You're right !   Converted to legacy now and it works! thanks!
Excellent.  Enjoy!

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