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How do I complete this piece of marketing?

Posted on 2009-04-16
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-18
Hello :)

I do realise that I am probably asking too much here, but nothing ventured...

You should know at this point that I am a bit of a techie eejit, so only basic, simple language, explanation and advice will penetrate my cranium.

For a very long time I have been looking for one book, course, tutorial, that sort of thing, that will take me by the hand, talk to me in simple language and go through a process from start to finish, *absolutely nothing left out* (however obvious to the writer), which would lead me to understand and operate an online business opportunity.

Bear with me please.

I'm not after overnight - or any, come to that - riches, but a simple, fairly straightforward plan that will work and make some sort of regular income. I know it's possible because I see others doing it.

I've bought many ebooks, and the like, and I subscribed - well, still am - to a weekly, supposedly bite-size course, but I have *never* come across anything which really does do A to Z in simple language. There must be a market for this, seems to me, and it really can't be that difficult. The problem, it seems to me, is that most of those who know can't teach. They take certain things for granted which stops someone like me (and there must be zillions of us) in their tracks because these omissions are an essential and integral part of the process.

That's the preamble.

I did get so far in the aforementioned course, to the extent that I found a product (whether viable or not), somehow managed to master the techie bits to build a sales and download page, somehow managed to register it successfully at Clickbank (although it hasn't been 'released' yet) and somehow managed to get some (but not all) distance in aweber. And there it came to a stop because I didn't understand what came next, or couldn't complete it, or was intimidated, or all three.

So, I've been paying hostgator and aweber for some months now and just racking my brain for a way to proceed, or for another way to start something that I might be able to complete. To be honest, I suppose I gave up because it appeared all too difficult. I seem to have been denied the techie gene; have others, but not that one.

Can anyone offer me any specific or general advice as to how I might proceed , or with regard to any other plan, venture, opportunity that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that isn't too complex and that I might understand?

Thanks for your patience.


Question by:Ennnceee
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Expert Comment

ID: 24155355
Just to clarify your question...

Are you looking for a new online business opportunity to make money with?  Or am I missing the ball here?

If I am on the ball... a few questions:
1)  What skills do you have or are you looking to outsource...
2)  Where are you based (country)?
3)  How much time do you have before you need to draw cash?

Kind regards
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Thompson
ID: 24156126
Online businesses come in all shapes, sizes, specialties and disciplines.  It's kind of like asking how to 'build a house'; do you mean a mansion or a one room shack?

There's no A to Z guide to online businesses because there are dozens, if not hundreds of different approaches depending on what the business, budget, and scale is.

You'll have to be more specific about what you're trying to do before we can point to resources or recommend approaches.

Author Comment

ID: 24156593
Thank you.

Two things.

Accepting that you don't know the specifics of any progress I have made so far with the sales page and so on mentioned above, if you did, would you - or anyone - be able to help me complete the process so that I could at least get something online and 'available' to see if I could pick up any sales. Of course I understand there's the business of getting visitors and so on, but that's where I am with that. To repeat: I have a product (which may or may not be attractive to it's niche market - see, I know what that means!), I have a sales page, I have a download page (I know what that means too!), it has been approved by Clickbank and I have partly completed the process at aweber. The latter, I believe, for generating emails to a list of potential buyers.

Alternatively, or also, I am looking for  an online opportunity for which there is a simple A to Z, in the right order, in simple language, absolutely nothing (however minor and obvious to the writer) left out.

FAO Chimeraza:

1) I have quite a few skills. Am a writer/broadcaster by profession, but also a trained teacher, a trained chef...

Am interested in many things, the natural world in particular, but have absolutely no preference about product. I understand that it's better to be interested in the product one is selling, but It's not essential as far as I'm concerned. The product referred to previously concerns dog training.

2) UK

3) There's no time limit, but I am limited somewhat by the amount of time I can give to it each day as I have a relatively mild version of CFS/ME. I don't have a great deal of capital, either, but would be happy to spend a little time on it each day for as long as it takes.

Graphixer, I do appreciate that, but my point relates to each business separately. I'm not talking about an A to Z of online business, plural, but to any one business. Affiliate marketing, for example. See, I know that term, too! I'm not fussy about what kind of business; basically, I guess, the most straightforward to understand and operate. There appear to be hundreds and thousands of ebooks and the like on this and that opportunity, but I haven't found one yet to meet my criteria.

Many thanks


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Accepted Solution

Jason Thompson earned 2000 total points
ID: 24156854
So your store front is ready to go, now you need orders.  Got it.  Here are some general ideas:
  • Start a mailing list, or section of your web site to accept email addresses.  Your Aweber service will likely have the code to use to do this.
  • Consider a press release.  If you have a unique product, getting local news organization involved will be great promotion.  Target the release to the local area to start, publications that specialize in catering to your target audience, and then national media.
  • Consider writing an article or appearing in local media outlets as a professional in your field, as it relates to your product.  Often the product is secondary to marketing yourself, and promoting yourself as an expert will gain you the credibility for wider sales.  If you're a writer/broadcaster, you're already half way there.
  • Blog about your expertise, either in your own blog, or in the comments on other blogs related to your product.  Be sure to include the URL to your site in everything you post, if allowed.
  • Find out what your target audience reads and place ads in those publications.  Small print ads don't cost much, and can go a long way in promoting your product.
  • Get other sites to link to you.  This helps in promotion, and gets your Google listing placed higher.  Make sure you have well crafted titles on your pages that reflect the key words that people are most likely to be searching for when looking for a product like yours. Read more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for details, but don't focus on it too much.  Just make sure you have a good, user-friendly site.
  • Maybe some sort of contest would boost sales?  Each order enters the customer into a drawing for a larger prize?
  • Email everyone you know, and get them to email everyone they know.
  • Consider a small investment in Google Adwords and/or listings on Craigslist.
  • You can try an affiliate system, but I don't think you'll get many takers unless you offer a pretty big percentage, and even then affiliates want a proven product.  Try the items above first.
A lot of promotion isn't technical, but in cultivating relationships (even virtual ones).  As I'm sure you know, it's not enough to just put up an order process and hope for the best.  Actively pursue every outlet that your target audience is involved in (within reason and budget).

I hope this was a bit of what you were looking for.


Author Comment

ID: 24174268
Thanks a lot for that G. As you appreciate it's not exactly what I'm after, but certainly very helpful. Thanks again.

I'll leave it open for a few days just in case there are any more suggestions.

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Expert Comment

ID: 24806301
Can I ask why you haven't "released" your ebook at Clickbank?  Maybe I missed it.

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Expert Comment

ID: 25951683
Graphixer took a lot of time with his responses.  I don't see why he isn't getting any points.  Especially since the OP actually commented that the information he posted was " certainly very helpful"

Otherwise, jhoekman is doing a GREAT job cleaning up these questions!
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Expert Comment

ID: 25952001
I think I was supposed to hit Object, not Submit - see my above comment
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Expert Comment

ID: 25975603
#3 - Accept ID:24156854
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Thompson
ID: 25975825
I'm a bit biased, but accepting my post sounds good to me!  It did take some time and energy to compose.

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