Enable Windows Server Firewall Exceptions Groups with Group Policy

Hi experts,
i just configure firewall settings via group policies in a windows server 2008 environment.
I just want to enable the exception groups which are predefined on each server.
What i did was to configure the advanced firewall settings in group policy, created predefnied inbound rules there which names matches them in the firewall exceptions.

Result is that there are created new rules with the same name on the servers firewall exception rules, so i have duplicate entries
How can i just enable those?

Thanks in advance
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merowingerAuthor Commented:
i solved it with netsh commands. there can be enabled those firewall groups
On the corresponding GPO, Go down to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Settings, expand it, right click on the one which has an CN on it, and get to properties.
In the corrseponding Profile (Domain/Private/Public), Click the "Customize..." button in the "Settings" part, choose "No" next to "Apply local firewall rules"
and/or "local connection security rules" as required.
merowingerAuthor Commented:
but that means that firewall setting already configured on the server will be ignored?
For examble if i have a KMS Server which KMS exceptions needs to be open my gpo rules will ignore that rule...correct?!?
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