Cannot assign IPs on a cisco 850 router

I am trying the setup basic routing between 2 networks on my 850 cisco router, i know i have to do something with vlans. The router I know has a vlan setup and i know this is the only one that the router can hold

so firstly, is what i am attempting achievable?
if so, how do i configure the vlan to work.. i want to route between a network and network

also for a note of reference , if someone can tell me how to reset the router to factory defaults that would be cool, so i can start a fresh
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For factory defaults reset:
To set the router back to its factory defaults, you can either use Cisco SDM or you can go into the Cisco IOS Software CLI and do a "write erase" on the router itself, or grab the factory default configuration from Cisco Configuration Express. In addition, when the reset button is pressed within 5 seconds of the boot up and there is a valid xxx.cfg file in the flash, the router boots up with the xxx.cfg file and avoids the startup-config file in NVRAM. For inter vlan routing:
Your router IOS require "Advanced IP Services IOS", if you have the command like this:

int fa0/0.1
Encapsulation dot1q 1
ip address

Inf fa0/0.2
encapsulation dot1q 2
ip address
In order to route between 2 subnets, you would need some device to do the vlan trunking for you.  If the router only supports one vlan, then I dont believe it is possible without having another device to do the trunking and routing between.

As for reseting the router to factory defaults, you should reboot the router with console access.  Press control-break in the first 5 seconds or so, then you should be able to issue the "erase startup-config" command to clear the saved configuration.  Reboot and you should be at defaults.
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