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Linux Proxy Servers - squid and others

I was hoping for some advice.

I have to setup a new proxy server (to control, limit and monitor the local networks internet usage) for the company I am working for currently, but I haven't done a Proxy setup in a few years. I used to setup my Proxy Servers using Squid and Fedora Core 3, but that is probably old by now.
Thus as you can guess I am a bit outdated :P

Any suggestions on a nice Proxy solution with caching and easy monitoring (that isn't to hard to setup).
As I would like to believe there are other better Proxy's out there by now and what Linux Distro would be recomended for the new Proxy?
3 Solutions
RiggedAuthor Commented:
Cool thanks for the post, the cacti seems very useful in more than one way :D  

II was wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the below Proxys, caching/acceleration is important but not the most important:

Proxy software
* 3proxy is a freeware proxy server, previously known as 3APA3A, and works on Windows and
* AlchemyPoint is a user-programmable mashup proxy server that can be used to re-write web pages,  
  emails, instant messenger messages, and other network transmissions on the fly.
* The Apache HTTP Server can be configured to act as a proxy server.
* Blue Coat's (formerly Cacheflow's) purpose-built SGOS proxies 15 protocols including HTTPS/SSL,  
  has an extensive policy engine and runs on a range of appliances from branch-office to enterprise.
* Charles -  is a java User-configurable HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that can be used  
  with Flash Remoting (AMF0 and AMF3).
* CACHEbox is a high performance HTTP/HTTPS/FTP caching proxy appliance supporting forward and
   reverse deployment modes.
* CGIProxy, web based proxy script written in Perl
* EZproxy is a URL-rewriting web proxy designed primarily for providing remote access to sites that
  authenticate users by IP address.
* Ideco Gateway - Linux based multi-protocol proxy server with GUI configuration tool and NAT/VPN
* JAP - A local proxy, web anonymizer software connecting to proxy server chains of different
* PHProxy is one of the oldest and most customized proxy scripts in use on the Internet. Many of the
  newer proxy scripts were inspired by PHPProxy.[5]
* Privoxy is a free, open source web proxy with privacy and ad-blocking features.
* Proxomitron - User-configurable web proxy used to re-write web pages on the fly. Most noted for
  blocking ads, but has many other useful features.
* SafeSquid Linux based, complete content filtering HTTP1.1 proxy, allows distribution of 'profiled'
  internet access.
* Squid is a popular HTTP proxy server in the UNIX/Linux world.
* TcpCatcher is a free TCP and HTTP(S) proxy server for educational purposes. It allows you to modify
   packets on the fly.
* Tor - A proxy-based anonymizing Internet communication system.
* Varnish is designed to be a high-performance caching reverse proxy.
* Zeus functions as both a forward and reverse proxy server. It operates on Solaris, FreeBSD and
* Ziproxy is a non-caching proxy for acceleration purposes. It recompresses pictures and optimizes
  HTML code.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Have a look at Untangle. It seems to fit your requirements;

Stay with Squid, use Debian Lenny. We do that in our intranet (more than 50.000 users). No doubt.
RiggedAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I will most likely be going with squid but thanks for all the info.
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