Can someone provide a good overview of the differnces of the Catalysts 3750 Cisco switch versus the Cisco 6500 Blade switches please?

I am seeking to inestigate when I should recommend using a 6500 Balde versus a Catalysts 3750 swiche.
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CCI_ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Worlds apart.
the 6500 does everything the 3750 does.
The 6500 however has more advanced features (depending on which modules you choose.
intergrated firewall.
intergrated IPS
8 10Gig uplink ports.
redundant p/s and Sup engines (you can sort of get this with a 3750 stack).
ACE modules
the 6500 can be overkill depending on your setup. If loking for more port capacity, the 3750 (or a 4500 chassis) is a better choice. The more common use is to have the 6500 as the core switch/router and use it to house the service modules needed (firewall ips, vpn etc etc) instead of using 48-port line cards.
to add......
3750 = Core switch/router for smaller organizations
3750 = edge switch (to each desktop) for larger organizations
6500 = core switch/router for larger organizations (and should be accompanied by edge layer switches, ie 29xx, 36xx and 37xx switches).
6500 is modular, you can add multiplesupervisors (4 failover), cards (FWSM) for firewall, wireless (WiSM) etc You can add functionality centrally, on one box.
Is should be used as core switch for big organization, and is a good investment as it will be EoL after many many years...

3750 can be used as L3 core switch to Small/Medium-Size organizations. It has stuck capabilities, but after all is just a L3 switch. Has almost everything you will need. Additional functionality can be added to separate routers etc

If you plan to grow fast, go for 6500 ;)
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Also consider your future needs versus cost. While the 6500 comes in various size 6503, 6504, 6506, 6509 and 6513 the 3750 can be stacked to meet the density you need. This may help to lower the inital costs. Consider as well that if you need a more robust functionality in a single platform the 6500 series is difficult to beat.

ipb100Author Commented:
A good answer
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