E-mails on iphone 3g and Exchange 2007

Does anyone know how to setup e-mails on an iphone 3g using Exchange 2007?
I would like to get my work e-mail to my phone.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you setup the Exchange server?
The SSL certificate is an additional purchase, while Exchange has a built in one, it is not supported for use with ActiveSync and causes many problems.

If you browse to OWA, do you get an SSL prompt?

Have you enabled ActiveSync on Exchange 2007?
Do you have a commercial SSL certificate on the Exchange server?

If yes to both of those then you need to run through the wizard on the device to setup ActiveSync.

Otherwise your question is a bit wide, its like asking someone how to drive a car, without mentioning that you have already bought the car and tried to drive it yourself.

Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
yes Active Sync is enabled.
How would I check the SSL certificate?
Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
yeah sorted it now, i check my SSL certificate and it was OK.
I just needed to do some configuration on the phone it's self
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