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I have an AD backup exec account for all our Backup Servers.
Recently we have been upgrading Backup Exec to version 12.5. Since then the backup exec account is often being locked out. I suspect it is because someone has put the incorrect password during the install and setup.

I have an account lock out tool which tells me which domain controller locked the account out but not which server the account was trying to authenticate from.

Can someone suggest a tool that will give me more info when the account does get locked out or how to log activity on an AD account.
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PeteJThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you view the event logs on the DC (if they audit account lockouts?), you should be able to pick up a source computer name from there.

Or you could try looking through the netlogon log on the DC (in accountlockoutstatus tool you have, simply right-click DC and select 'View netlogon log'.

I'm sure I've managed to find a source comp name from the event logs before though... You just need a specific time that the account was locked out, so you don't have too much to search through! :)

AWGMorrisonAuthor Commented:
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