impersonation (form based logins on Windows Vista)

I get an error:
Could not create Windows user token from the credentials specified in the config file

It is associated with this line in the web.config:
<identity impersonate="true" userName="username" password="password"/>

the username and the password are correct.

I read on another site that you need to set the account to have os priviledges. I don't know where to set this in vista though. Logged in as administrator on vista.

I have a second question also: Will impersonation work when the application is running on a server (windows server 2003 I think) and being accessed from a different computer?
[I'll need to put the application on a server for demonstration. It will need to have no login for the demo, but I don't want to remove the login feature, as it bases the content on the logged in user, role etc. So I want to use impersonation.]

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Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Senior Desktop EngineerCommented:
Sounds like these settings:
Drill to Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Security Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment>Create a token object
Add the account you are using to that attribute.
Also, under the same tree:
Impersonate a client after authentication
Add your account there.
For your second question...if the computer is RDPing into the server, it would probably work just changing the server settings, but if you are running an executable from the server on the workstation, you would probably need to set the above GP settings on the workstation(s) as well.
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