Iphone 3G and exchange 2003

Hi All

I did this a few months back for a user and it was a total stuff around but I got it working. I have to again but I have forgotten something.

Can log into OMA via web so its definetly something on the Iphone itself.

New mail account -> Exchange

email:      username@domain.com
server:      webmail.domain.com/oma

domain: NETBIOS DOMAIN name
username: username

Use SSL: No

I have tried with username: DOMAIN\username too, before I had to turn off SSl as we don't use it. not sure if I need the /OMA on the end ?

Any ideas before the Iphone gets smashed to pieces :-)



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You should use the server webmail.domain.com without /oma.
Second it might help if you use the FQDN instead of the netbios domainname, for example use domain.local, not domain.

Hope this helps!

user - domain\username
server - webmail.domain.com

OMA is not what you want to use for the iPHone...
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