postgres ERROR: insert or update on table "xxxxx" violates foreign key

I found the following message within syslog.

< message >
postgres ERROR: insert or update on table "xxxxx" violates foreign key

I am not developer but manage server.

Would you please tell me the meaning and the solution.
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You are propably inserting a record into a table with foreign key constraints where one of the foreign key vlaues is not a valid key in the related table. Try adding the related record first and adding the data you want to insert after this.

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A foreign key is a data that must exist in a table 'B'  in order to insert or update data on a table 'A' because table 'A' references to this field in table 'B' and a constraint says "do not permint insert or update values in field 'X' of table 'A' while this value is not present in table 'B' "

Happens that you have any value in a specific field of table 'A' that is not present in table 'B', then the constraint reject this transacion a logs to syslog.

Are you batch importing or updating data?
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