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Simulate UNC-Path with Domainname

Hi Windows-Experts,

I have to prepare some data with fix coded paths inside. I very often have to change the workstation name, but this works so I can simulate some customer servers and prepare the paths (which have to be accessible to configure the application).

But now I've got a big problem: I've to simulate a whole domain-name for a UNC path.

Example: "\\mycustomuncworkstationname\testshare" isn't a problem (wether really painful), but "\\mycustomuncworkstationname.sub.domain.com\testshare" impossible for me at the moment.

Is there any solution for this problem? I don't want to set up an AD....  I allready tried it via hosts-file, but this doesn't work for me for shares (pinging isn't a problem).

Best regards,
1 Solution
Can't you just create a forward lookup zone within your DNS structure and have an A record that happens to correspond to the name of the domain?
e.g. zone name = sub.domain.com and a the A record = mycustomuncworkstationname
then when you browse to the path you get the workstation simulating the domain
Disable strict name checking on the machine hosting the share (make the registry edit mentioned in the "After you install the hotfix" section).  It works on XP as well as 2000/2003.

You should then be able to fake the fully-qualified domain name in your machine's HOSTS file and connect to the share correctly.
abfinfoAuthor Commented:
Works great :) Thanks a lot for your help... YMMD

Best regards,
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