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We have a website    .It is a free Advertisement Website .How can i get higher search engine rank so that we get real customer/user for our website.
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The best way is to add your website to link directories like DMOZ.
 you need to get links from other websites. You can do it by exchanging links with other webpages or if you have enough money for advertisement, you can buy them.

It is valuable to have links on pages with similar content and with high page rank. It is also useful to register your pages to several search engines.

I am using as a seller of backlinks, so I can recommend it, but you will find several similar services if is not what you are looking for.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
It does seem that you need to work on your incoming links. Your page rank is zero and google only shows one incoming link (search "").

For onsite improvements:

All your pages have the same title. This is bad. Make every page contain a tiltle tat represents the page.

None of your pages have paragraphs for google to gather summary text from. And you don't provide a meta description. This means you look poor in search results.

You are completely abusing the content-type meta tag to spam keywords. Use the keyword meta tag for this sort of content and don't use words that have nothing to do with the content of the page.
here are lots of steps in SEO process its not easy to get on the top of search engines but i will try to describe you some steps you can follow to boost up your website

1) Always remember content is the KING i.e. your website should have enough content to satisfy the hunger of the search engines at least relevant to your keywords and description.

2) Search engines do not always show the description what you give them in META tags, but its better practice to have META DESCRIPTION tag.

3)Linking is one of the most important thing in SEO your site should be well linked (inbound and outbound) , Remember search engines do not like broken links.

4)Use Alt tags for images (this will help you to get your images searchable in google image search and will help you to increase content of your website).

5)Always create search engine friendly web pages  i.e. less use of scripting languages ( if you want to use them also then you can create a seperate script file for them, but try to reduce it.).

6)You can only win with Unique content i.e. you need to create or write your own content do not use the copy paste method (Even if you use copy paste then modify the content so it does not look same as the original content)

7)Use the keywords (for which you want your website to appear in the search engine) in your website frequently, but do not cross the limit of 3 keywords per line.

8)Submit your website to all free directories and search engines (Remember to post in only related category).

9)Create a robots.txt file in the home directory of your website this will help you to restrict the access of search engines (surf web to know more about robots, META, and sitemap).

10)Create HTML and XML sitemaps for your website and submit the sitemaps to search engines, so you do not have to sumit the website each and every time it is updated, search engines will automatically check your website for updates.

Hope these tips will help you, if you need further help please feel free to ask.
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