We cannot backup simultaneous Jobs.

The Backup app is ArcServe. v11.5 SP4 before we had this issue the SP was number 3.

We had to reconfigure it the arcserve from scartch, and simultaneous jobs was working just fine we could run up to 8 jobs at once now only one and the other jobs get quued up.
The backup server is Win2003, SP2.
The error is the error is "device busy". For us this is critical we have very important database to run. We already miss and running two days behind with the backups

We also need Arcserve guideline and some pdf documentation.

No help from anyone so far, strange!

Please help
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there is no restriction on how many jobs you can run simultaneously in arcserve. As a matter of fact any backup solution as long as you have sufficient number of devices.

for example : if you have a tape library with 4 tape drives then you can run only 4 jobs to the tape drive. But if you have created 10 FSDs(backup2disk) and kept them in different groups then you can run a total of 14 jobs.

can you please update how many number of tape drives are available with the client and how many FSDs.

Are the FSDs placed in different groups as if you have 10 FSDs in group labled "b2d" and you are trying to run 10 backups pointed to the same group. Then you will not be able to run simultaneous backups.

As the GROUP is locked when a backup is running if the devices are FSDs or single tape drives.

So you need to organise them in different groups to be able to run multiple jobs at the same time.

post the screen shots of the destination tab when you try to create a new backup job. And also when do you get this error is it when you try to submit a backup job or when the backup job is running.

daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
I also need to add that is not myself running and using backup Arcserve we are the company supporting other type of product but we need to help this customer because it is actually hot to us to solve they issue

I was wonder does the arcserve 11.5 support more then 4 Jobs simultaneusly? I know that the max is 4 isn't?

daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Thanks we managed to configure your help was good
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