Vpn between same ip-range

I have to set up a vpn connection to a server with the same ip-range as my own network.(192.168.1.X)
After the vpn connection is made i have to point to a internal website by ipaddress.
At this moment this is not possible. What is the best solution to get this work. It is no option to change one of the two ip-ranges. So i have to work with routes (if that is possible at all) or connecting the vpn through another device.
Can anyone give me advice in this matter
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
You cannot have the same subnets at either end of the tunnel. This is a basic VPN/routing rule. Packets are forwarded based on the subnet to which they belong. If they are the same at either end of the tunnel, the routing devices will keep the packets within the local network segment and not forward them. You must make changes. You could split the local subnets to something like (subnet mask 255.255.128) which would allow at one site and at the other, but this is as much work as changing the local subnet to something completely different.  This is why when setting up a network it is a good idea to avoid the common/default subnets like 192.168.0-2.0,,,, and

Having said all of that I have seen it done with high end Cisco routers.

If it is a single IP you could also try adding a route. Assume for example the remote server IP is and the VPN gateway IP is
route add -p mask
You would also have to add a matching return route to the remote device ( pointing to the device on which you applied the route.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Why is it not possible to change your home IP range? Very easy to do in any home system I have ever seen. I do understand the issue at the server end. VPN's do not like the same subnet, so by a wide margin, the simplest answer is to change the home IP range.
... Thinkpads_User
RemijAuthor Commented:
Both ranges are in server environments so changing them is not an option
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