Exchange 2007 database error

I have a clean install of windows server 2003 ENT x64, new dell server, new install of Exchange 2007 install all went great but no accounts are linked to the database, I get the following error.

The properties on '<user name>' have invalid data. If you click OK, default value will be used instead and will be saved if you do not change them before hitting Apply or OK on the property page. If you click cancel, the object will be displayed read-only and corrupted values will be retained.

The following values have invalid data: Database.
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blackberry9000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I removed the users from within exchange and rebooted server, added users again and assigened them to the primary mail database and they all work now.
This error message is becasue of the "Homemdb" attribute missing or corrupted
The Homemdb attribute should be the Distinguished name of the mailbox store.
You can get these values using ADSIedit
If the number of mailboxes facing this issue aren't many, then use ADSIEDIT to
copy the homeMDB value, then clear it, replicate the AD changes, then put back the
homeMDB value. hence the solution to clear the homeMDB manually

If there are too many mailboxes facing the issue, use to
temporarily point the problem mailboxes to a different homeMDB value temporarily,
then use the same tool to set the homeMDB to the correct value
Also you could link the accounts to a mailbox and this should populate the homemdb attribute
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blackberry9000Author Commented:
how would I link the accounts to a mailbox
FearNoMoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can create a new mailbox for the users and then link it
If you want to link the existing mailboxes to the users...firstly the mailboxes should show up in the disconnected state (red cross) under the "Disconnected Mailboxes" option
Also you can run the clean-mailbox command and check if these mailboxes show up under the disconnected mailboxes option
If they do show up that way then you can link the mailboxes to an existing account.
However if these are not disconnected then you would need to use ADSIedit as mentioned above and populate the homemdb attribute
blackberry9000Author Commented:
I tried that solution and it did not work
blackberry9000Author Commented:
I tried that solution and it did not work
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