How to increase the number of email addresses saved in Autocomplete in Outlook 2003

Dear All,

Thanks a lot for all your help...

In out look 2003 Autocomplete is great for saving time entering email adrresses in the To, CC,
BCC fields for me . Sometimes email addresses disappear from the automplete list,
even ones I use very frequently. Is it a size limit issue? How can I increase
this so names don't "fall off" of my autocomplete list?

Thanks in advance

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BigBadWolf_000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For Outlook 2003/2007, the value is hard-coded at 2,000
First-in, first-out; it's a push-down list.
war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

The autocmoplete list is compose of nickname file and Outlook Address Book.  The nickname file has a limit size that cannot be changed.

You can edit the contacts list with additional addresses.  Then Enable Contacts Database As An Email Address Book.  You may need to delete the old address book first.

Hope this helps!
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