NTBackup restore to a diffrent folder location

Hi, I'm try to move some user profiles from one server to another using NTBackup (to keep the file security correct).  Now I'm probably being really thick, but I'm trying to move from:
c:\data\profiles\j.blogs\ on one server, to:
d:\shared\profiles\j.blogs\ on another.
However, when I use the alternative location option in ntbackup the files restore to:

How can I get ntbackup to restore the j.blogs folder to the correct location whilst keeping the security?

Thanks in advance.
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Download and install robocopy (I've attached a zipped copy of the version of Robocopy I used) then issue the command below.  An explanation of each parameter used is below.

robocopy \\source.path \\destination.path /E /ZB /COPYALL /MIR /R:1 /W:3 /LOG+:filename.txt

REM /E Copies all subdirectories (including empty ones).
REM /ZB Tries to copy files in restartable mode, but if that fails with an Access Denied error, switches automatically to Backup mode.
REM/COPYALL Copies Everything. Equivalent to /COPY:DATSOU.
REM /MIR Mirrors a directory tree (equivalent to running both /E and /PURGE).  This will delete from destination anything that has already been copied to the destination but has been deleted from the source.
REM /R:1 Specifies the number of retries on failed copies. (The default is 1 million.)  ADDS A LOT OF TIME PER RE-TRY...
REM /W:3 Specifies the wait time between retries. (The default is 30 seconds.)
REM /V Produces verbose output (including skipped files).  Allows me to watch all messages while copy is in progress...including what it is copying...yikes!
/LOG+:filename.txt Redirects output to the specified file, appending it to the file if it already exists.

**This program copies the files under the folder indicated for source.  The destination will create the folder but the name will *need* to be provided for the destination...
I can't see that you an with NTBackup - but a good alternative is Robocopy which will allow you to keep the security.
Incidentally - MOVING the files keeps the security as well (copy will inherit)
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