Print Spooler problem on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard

Our users complain every day that they are not able to print. The one thing that we have found out that seems to work, for some strange reason, is to print a test page from the printer they are trying to print from. Once you print a test page, they are able to print to it. This "ONLY" happens once in a while. I have also noticed that just pulling up the properties on the printer, seemingly also fixes the problem. Its almost like you have to jump start the printer(s) before they will let users print to them. Considering we have 67 printers on our network, and only a few calls here and there, it is hard to narrow down the problem. The other weird thing is its always on different printers. We have tried different drivers, and cleaned all un-used drivers from the print server in hopes to fix the problem, and yet the problem still occurs. We have thoroughly looked through the event log on the print server and nothing seems to catch our eye. Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are starting to get some very frustrated users on our hands. Thanks in advance.
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What is an example of the printer configurations that you have set.  Is the server set to spool the entire job and then print or to start printing immediately. Is it set to print directly to the printer?

I would try changing some of these settings first to see if them make a difference on some of those users that are having problems.  It's possible that the printers require time to warm up and are still offline on the print server because they had gone into a power saving mode.  You could try adjusting the power saving mode on a printer and see if this corrects the issue as well.
FBTC_HelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I will give you all the points for the effort. Unfortunately we just built a new print server with all new drivers which fixed all our issues. Thanks!
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