OWA in Exhcnage 2007 no longer working after updates applied

It appears that during a windows update yesterday something did not go correctly and we lost connectivity to exchange. I was able to start all exchange services by changing them to automatic and then selecting start. I also had to do a restore of IIS due to the fact that there was nothing listed under it. Once this was done and I started the defaul site, everything except OWA seems to be working. Users can now connect to exchange via outlook both local and over RPC. When I try to launch OWA either locally of remote, I get a txt based web page that will allow me to log it but is pretty much unusable. What do I need to do to rebuild the owa site? Below is my system setup:

MS Server 2003 R2 X64
MS Exchange 2007 SP1
Rollups 5,6,7 installed


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Alan CoxSr. Systems Engineer | Lead Microsoft CIE Qualified FacilitatorCommented:
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