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At the suggestion of our Network Administrator, I recently turned on the "Used Cached Exchange Mode" function in Outlook 2003.  We are also running Exchange Server 2003.  

The reason for the change was to compensate for an extreme slow down in response from my client to the server.  I kept receiving the 'balloon' regarding communication to the server.

Ever since this change to cached mode was made, my rules will not run automatically.  I receive the error "Rules in Error - The folder you are trying to move or copy the message to can't be found. Make sure the rule refers to a valid folder".  

I have run the outlook.exe /cleanrules and it did delete all my rules.  I recreated them and they will run if I run them manually.  Open the rules dialog box and select them and say run rules now.  I only receive the error when a message comes in and the rule tries to engage.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Welton USA
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kcshadeAuthor Commented:
I stumbled upon a work around that seems to have corrected the problem...

1.  Export the rules to a file.  (Rules/Options)
2.  Turn off the Cached Exchange Mode on the client.
3.  Delete all the rules (outlook.exe /cleanrules)
4.  Import all the rules you exported in step 1.
5.  Restart Cached Exchange Mode.

I guess the Cached Mode confuses Outlook as to where the folders are.  I have run a few tests and it seems to be working.

Good luck,
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