File system to use on Linux Redhat 5.2 when presented with a tera byte of storage

Hi Experts

I will be installing a server with Redhat 5 update 2 x86_64 bit architecture and will be presented with a Terabytes of storage. I have to mount this storage all of it for the following directory /opt(all storage presented from EMC PowerStorage or EVA) and will have the Oracle database installed on it.

I need to find out what raid can I use for this but most importantly is which file system can handle a Terabytes of data in Linux e.g. NFS, EXT3 or Something else. Please provide configuration steps.

If the is anyone with information or a link I can read on doing this, I will highly appreciate it as I'm avoiding problems in the longer run if I use EXT3.

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Here's a link on how-to install xfs over a Centos 5 / RedHAT EL 5:
EXT3 is the preferable file system for Red Hat.

The problems can arise due the generic instability of the
file subsystem of Linux.
According Oracle magazine Oracle Linux kernel Group is working to stabilize
and significantly enhance the Linux file subsystem.
Possibly you have to visit Oracle technology network to see if there are
products to download in this direction.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Since the space will be provided to you as EVA or a similar NAS/SAN volume you'll need to mount it to your /opt directory first. I suggest you to use iSCSI to mount the  volume. You might as well use NFS and may be it would save you some clicks / efforts in the beginninng but dont forget that NFS is not a network optimized protocol and it has lots of  overhead when it comes to performance. As you might have already know iSCSI is a protocol that simply encapsulates SCSI comands over ethernet packets and a low level and relatively faster protocol. Finally iSCSI is a better choice for a DB manger since NFS does not have provisions for I/o an block lockings.

This link shows how to mount an iSCSI volume permanently on a RedHAT based Linux system:

Once you've mounted your NAS/SAN volume you need to format it bwfore using. Most Linux distros support only ext2 and ext3 as out-of-box configuration. There's no problem using EXT3 with a 1TB disk since it can address up to 16 TB without a problem. But since ext3 has some problems on journal updat etc. It might easlly corrupt a volume during a power outage. So you'd better use an UPS for your server.
BTW it is always a good idea to use an UPS for any database server :)
EXT3 info:

You might as well use XFS it is a high performance journaling filesystem which is better to use if high performance is desired. It is advisable to use XFS for a db server.
XFS info: 

Hope this helps.

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LinuxDukeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response guys, I will be doing this install in a weeks time and will only close this once I have test as I might still need some help.

The Duke
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Take your time :)
EXT4 has also just been accepted into the stable kernel.
Not sure when it will be available in Redhat
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