Will stored procedure execution be timed out in a sql server ? If so where to specify that time out value?

if i execute a stored procedure in my sql server i want to know after how long will that sp gets timeout error, if so.
And where can i specify that.
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you run it in managment studio, it will not time out by default.  you can go to tools, options, query execution and specify a timeout there if you want one.

if you're connecting to sql througha  web app or something similar, the connection itself specifies the timeout.
nirmalkguptaAuthor Commented:
You got real perfect answer.

I am aware of specifying time out when calling from other clients.
But i am looking for timeout from within a sql server itself.

I need one more option. can i programatically specify this timeout option in my stored procedure if i want to ?

Nope, you can't.  It is based upon the connection made to SQL, so you can't really specify once you're connected to SQL.
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nirmalkguptaAuthor Commented:
Ok. Great

Thanks for the reply

Even in msdn forums, i didnt get the answer that you gave.

Thanks for your reply once again

very welcome.  glad to help.  

lots of times...EE is better than MSDN forums.  :)
please close out the question, by the way.
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