stored user names and passwords lost after logout

I use file and printer shares in other domains, with which my domain
has no trust relationship. Whenever I connect to a shared resource
from another domain I am prompted to identify myself as a user in
that domain e.g. "dom-X\user-Y" and to type in the respective password.
There is a check-box under the password field to store the password
for future use. If I set it there will be one entry for each resource I
conntected to in the "Stored user names and passwords" list of
"User accounts management", something like:

But when I log out of the system this information gets lost, so I need to
re-authenticate to each shared resource after a new login. I know some
other users in my native domain with the same OS (Windows XP ia32 and x64)
get their stored credentials for shared resources in other domains restored
after a new login but I can't see why it doesn't work for me.
The user profiles are of roaming type.

Does anyone know, why my stored credentials are not restored at login ?
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This has been an unresolvable problem as of yet for most of these threads, but lets run through the steps.....


Make sure that the Protected Storage service is started, and set to Automatic.....

Disable Storage of Credentials and .NET Passwords

Make sure this isnt present either....
This one either.....


If DisablePwdCaching has a value of 1, delete the value......

How to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP

In MSConfig
I would disable all items under Startup, and retest.....
If it still fails, disable all non MS services....
If it still fails, disable the services, except for the Protected Storage. Then retest....

If it works after disabling a group, then start restarting services in groups, and although this will take some time, It might have to be done this way....
dkrnicAuthor Commented:
I was away on a short vacation during the orthodox Easter holiday.

I've checked all the conditions in your first reply. My registry
didn't have a key "Network" under
I created the key and then created a DWORD "DisablePwdCaching" with the value "0",
instead of deleting one if it exists with value "1". With this modification my stored
usernames and passwords for foreign domains do survive the logout.

Thank you johnb6767. You're a genius.
Interesting. results...... I am glad they worked for you......
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