Object Coordinates not given in 3D Studio Max

I'm fairly new to this so I'm assuming it's a default or something got turned off accidentally?

When I create objects they have no sense of position, I'll create a primitive and set it to -36Y with the move tool and afterwards when I select it, it reads it as 0Y, even though it's actually at -36Y I'll have several different objects in different areas of a scene and each will have all 0s for position coordinates for some bizarre reason.

why on earth would it do that? I don't even know how to make it stop doing that or why it even would, I just want to see an object at -36Y after putting it to -36Y...very irritating

any help would be appreciated, thanks
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bham3dmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Yeah, these little issues will drive you crazy.  I think what you're experiencing is the Offset vs. Absolute positioning in Max.  I am assuming that you are reading the coordinates at the bottom of the screen.  Look to the left of the XYZ coordinate boxes for a button - the tooltip will say "Offset Mode Transform Type-In" when you hover your mouse over it.  Press this button and it will toggle to "Absolute Mode Transform Type-In".  Then, the XYZ coordinate boxes will display the actual position of your selected object.

The reason that Offset Mode sets the XYZ positioning to 0 is so that you can just type in the number of units that you want to move the object.  This prevents you from having to do the math to figure out the new coordinate.

I hope this helps.  Good luck with Max!
StevenDesignerAuthor Commented:
wow thanks, that's actually a nifty feature that I'll be sure to use a lot.
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