XServe Open Directory working with Active Directory, authenticating mac network logons, and the bits in between.

Hi, We have about 30 macs across the school. Just bought Xserve software, all set up, as far as i can tell correctly.

I have on the server imported all users and groups from the AD, i think. But am having problems getting the macs to logon with network user accounts through the OD,

Our big issue is our mac books running wireless won't access the network until they are logged in as a local user. Defeating the point of networked users.

Could someone, step by step, walk me through how i "Should" get the xserve talking to our AD server, and then how i get the macs to be authenticated from the xserve without having to have them tied to the Ad forest. (unless thats what i need to do) [even when attached to the AD Forest, still doesnt work over wireless.]

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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Take a look at this document from AFP548.com  It is a gret start to what you are looking to achieve..


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