lost command prompt server 2008 core

How do you get the command line back in 2008 server core if you close it accidentily? There is nothing left exept the background.
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LarryDAHConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems the issue has to do with the RDP works. I am using RDP to get to a server 2008 box that has the admin interface installed for the server 2008 core box. If I am at the server 2008 box and close the command prompt I can reopen it using Ctrol-Alt-Del to get Task Manager then do a run command. if I remote to the server 2008 box I cannot launch Task Manager on the core box, too many sessions removed  I gues.

I will rebuild my PC soon with Win7 and run the core box from my Win 7 desktop.
kumarnirmalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and this will show you the Task Manager, open File -> Run -> cmd
LarryDAHAuthor Commented:
That does not work on Server 2008 Core. Since there is no GUI installed I use a different Server 2008 box (Vista also works but we are not running any Vista clients) to add a snap-in and use the snap-in to administer the Core box.
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