Extracting Exchange 2007 data - What's the best way now ExMerge is history?

My brand new Server 2008 Std x64, running Exch 2007 has been slaughtered by a Windows Update this morning.  I AM FURIOUS!!!!!.  The only safe option is a re-build.  MS can't even get onto my desktop via remote or easyassist and I can't guarrantee the integrity of this machine at all!

It's only been in a week at a client site and so, with importing the old mail, the Exchange is only about 4GB.

Can I export like I used to with the greatly missed ExMerge?  MS I hate you for this!!!!!!!!

Many thanks in anticipation!

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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow sorry i meant to say Exchange Management Shell. Also you need to install the 32-bit tools on the workstation you will be doing this from as well as a version of Outlook 2003 or better I believe.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Tools (32-Bit)

What happened to the server? Is it accessible at all?
You need to do it via the Exchange Management Console.

Assuming you want to export to PST: http://www.msexchange.org/articles_tutorials/exchange-server-2007/management-administration/exchange-2007-sp1-mailbox-management-part1.html
MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can still use exmerge if you wish, but you need an Exchange 2003 system tools install on a separate server.
However using export mailbox will allow you to export mailboxes that are larger than 2gb.

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ljkalAuthor Commented:
I don't have a second server to hand - it's a small charity that have made the great leap up from P2P!  Their first server and they're exploding!!!!  Only the 3rd time in ten years of over 50 server build has this happened to me!  All Windows Udate related - and I look a right idiot! ...some people are so understanding!

The server is accessable but the Feature & Roles list won't populate, Windows won't update, emailsjust about get out and through but then a significant amount won't open "Can't open this item" is all it says...
The whole system is just crawling along...

The Server Management Tools will install on an XP Pro PC won't they?  Then can I connect to the server just via the NetBIOS or IP???
To use either Exchange 2007 export mailbox or EXMERGE you will need to use a separate system, neither can be run from the Exchange 2007 server itself.

For exmerge you need the Exchange 2003 system tools.
For export-mailbox you need Outlook and the Exchange 2007 32 bit management tools.

Both can be done from a Windows XP system.

I haven't had a system go wrong on with Windows Update ever, the last batch were quite tame, so I wonder if there was something else wrong with the original build, perhaps undetected that the updates finished off.

ljkalAuthor Commented:
I ended up copying the Mailbox folder and spending £500 on OnTracks Power Tools to extract the data.  ExMerge being excluded from 2007 Exchange sucks.  The idea of having to keep a second server around to run the 2003 Console on is also ridiculous when working with the IT of small businesses.
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